Training, Education & Awareness

People are an organization’s greatest asset.
In order to get the best from your people you need to invest in them.

Quality training will ensure that your staff has the knowledge and skills
necessary to deal with their everyday work and to tackle new tasks and
challenges that arise with confidence.

AndA can provide the means to train your staff in diverse topics
from technical accounting to accounting and auditing standards.

We are unique in the fact that not only do we train our staff but we can train
your organization’s staff as well. We believe that having our staff working within
the practice keeps them in touch with business issues and ensures that
the training we offer is relevant and practical.

Our training courses and services are competitively priced and tailor made
to meet your exact training needs. The training can be carried out through
interactive seminars, workshops, discussions, boardroom briefings
and in the traditional lecture style format.

We offer customized training to our clients and offer a free consultation service
to deliver you with training needs analysis. Our professional and flexible approach
will ensure that all your training requirements will be fulfilled.