Tax & Legal Services

Every business wants to reduce taxes, but to do it correctly isn’t always so simple.
Often tax strategies that look good by themselves can be less sensible,
even problematic, in the context of your whole business.

That is why AndA takes a balanced and integrated approach.
We focus on your total business picture, not just your next tax return.
Our tax consultants help you define the right overall tax position,
designed to save you money, while meeting your larger business goals.
And since we often provide advice on many aspects of clients’ business,
we can see opportunities that other tax specialists might miss.

Our proactive approach to taxes sets us apart. In addition to providing
ongoing advice, we offer a number of specific tax services.

You want tax advice you can count on - reliable counsel to guide you through
complex and ever-changing tax rules. You want to pay your fair share,
but never more than is necessary, using strategies aligned with your
long-term business goals.

That is the kind of support you are going to find at AndA.