Financial Statements Audit and Assurance

The audit process, in its widest sense is the external checking of financial information.
Our approach to this service can ensure that it adds value to your business by improving
the quality and reliability of financial reporting systems on which your key business
decisions are made. An audit may be imposed on you by legislation, but that doesn’t mean
that it has no value for you. An effective independent, professionally conducted audit
can bring significant benefits.

In audit engagements, our objectivity, independence and integrity play key roles in establishing the quality of our work. Our professional skills and judgment enhance the focus of our work and the usefulness of our reports.

The philosophy of AndA personalised client service is evidenced by direct and active involvement of Partners and Senior Managers in each engagement. Open lines of communication, ethical standards, integrity, independence and technical excellence are considered critical to delivering a quality, value added personal service in line with client expectations and established service levels.

Accounting standards can be ambiguous and do not cover all individual circumstances. The AndA team have considerable expertise in the interpretation of reporting standards. By working closely with clients we are able to develop the optimum solution for their situation without compromising the reporting requirements or our own standards.

The AndA client base includes local and international businesses, privately owned and Public Interest Companies, Government Organisations, Investment Funds and other organizations covering a diverse range of services and industries.

Other services we can provide include:

  • Due Diligence;
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting;
  • Agreed-upon-procedures;
  • Quality Assurance Reviews.